Shafer Plastic Surgery is getting packed with both women and men wanted to look their best for New York’s Fashion Week. Between the runway shows to the exquisite after parties, attendees want to keep up with the gorgeous models, so it’s only natural that they turn to NY plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer for a boost in self confidence.

Fashion Week Gets Makeover

But while both plastic surgery and fashion week tend to go hand in hand, is their connection a lot greater than we previously thought?

When we look at the beautiful runway models, who are mostly under the age of 20, we tend to see nothing short of perfection. From their flawless skin to their long legs, it seems as though models are just born with incredible physiques and features. But truth is, beauty is really skin deep sometimes.

Several of Fashion Week’s models have turned to plastic surgeons for a quick nip tuck here, a little liposuction there, and a bit of Botox, well, everywhere. But one doctor is going above and beyond to prove a point during the highly acclaimed fashion extravaganza.

Dr. Ramtin Kassir is joining the ranks of some of the fashion world’s elite designers to show off his own creations. The surgeon is taking over 50 of his former patients and transforming them into runway models.

“Today plastic surgeons are Renaissance artists,” says the doctor, who went as far as to install a plastic surgery catwalk in an art gallery just a few steps away from the major fashion show tents at Lincoln Center. “Patients are our easel, and we are the artists.”

The whole world will get to see Dr. Kassir’s “art” this week as his patients will take to the runway, highlighting their newly improved selves while photos of their pre-surgery looks display behind them in a show titled “Faces of Beauty.”

Though the models at Fashion Week are showcasing clothing as art, Dr. Kassir believes that skin can be just as much of a fashion statement.

“There are lot of trends out there. One is the clothes you wear. Another is the face and body you wear,” he explains.

The show will be divided into segments, much the same way a traditional fashion show is carried out. But instead of a swimsuit highlight followed by eveningwear, Dr. Kassir will have a segment for patients who have undergone Rhinoplasty, then another for those who had injectible fillers, and so on.

Though the show only highlights plastic surgery from the neck up, the doctor turned fashion guru hopes to be able to display breast augmentation and implant work next season.

As for the participants, they are just happy to showcase their surgeon’s great work. Happy to have a newfound self confidence, the former patients aren’t even being paid to strut their stuff down the plastic surgery catwalk.

Though some may worry that Dr. Kassir is sending the wrong message with his surgery runway show, in a way, plastic surgery is a form of art and kudos to him for making such a bold move. After all, fashion is all about making a statement and a statement is exactly what the show will be.