Sounds absurd, right? But plastic surgery is at the root of one couple’s divorce proceedings.

A Chinese man asked for a divorce from his wife for giving birth to, in his opinion, an ugly baby girl. So, what happened? Well, he sued her – and surprisingly – won!

Upon giving birth to the baby, the man did not believe it could possibly be his child, so he decided to have a DNA test. But when the results showed the baby was in fact his, his wife admitted she had roughly $100,000 worth of cosmetic surgery before they met – a secret she had kept from him this whole time. Apparently, this was just too much for the man, so he decided to file for divorce.

Though proceedings have been ongoing , the verdict finally came in and it was in favor of the man. He sued his wife on the grounds of false pretenses, because she decided not to reveal the tiny tidbit that she’d had some work done, which lead the man to believe she was beautiful, when she was, in his opinion, not.

But should the woman have been honest? Did the man not love his wife for who she was? Shouldn’t we all love our partners for who they are, not who they were? Well, apparently the court doesn’t think so, since it ruled in the man’s favor.

Seems a little far fetched, but perhaps it does all boil down to the issue of misconception. Yet, despite the fact that the woman did, in fact, lie to her husband by omitting the truth about her surgery, the man himself could be considered a little too vein for wanting the “perfect” wife, then having her, and then divorcing her because she wasn’t born to his ideal. In that sense, isn’t he also being deceptive? He did marry someone, apparently, just because of their looks.

Beauty is essentially in the eye of the beholder, but plastic surgery can correct physical imperfections we may not be happy with. The woman appears to have gotten a fantastic procedure, seeing as her husband couldn’t even tell their child was his.

Here in NY, Dr. David Shafer has seen his fair share of individuals looking to correct something about their bodies they may not be happy with. Rhinoplasty, liposuction and tummy tucks are just some of the many procedures that can help a person feel good about their outward appearance and increase their overall self-esteem.

This poor woman shouldn’t be penalized for having undergone plastic surgery, but perhaps now she can find someone who will accept her for who she is now and respect her decision to have cosmetic surgery.

In the meantime, it’s important to remember that the decision to undergo – or not undergo – plastic surgery is a very personal one. It’s also a decision that should never be influenced by someone else’s opinion. If you have considered getting cosmetic enhancement and are in the New York area, turn to Dr. Shafer today for a free consultation to determine your ideal treatment.