Breast augmentation is a popular plastic surgery treatment for women who desire to have a larger cup size or who would like to improve the symmetry with their breasts. There are several different types of implants and sizes for women to choose from, from saline to silicone, round or teardrop shape, catering to all the unique cosmetic goals women may have.

It is an especially a popular procedure for women in show business who are always under the spot light and feel pressure to look their best. Countless female celebrities have undergone breast enhancement surgery, though not all are keen on coming public with their procedures. But whether the news is public or not, there are some celebrities whom we can’t help but notice develop an increase in breast size that cannot be attributed to camera tricks or wardrobe. When out and about outside of the limelight, these women, who previously had modest sized breasts, seem to have had a one or two (or more) size breast increase that just doesn’t happen overnight without augmentation surgery.

The latest celebrity to fall under the breast implant rumor mill is none other than Nicole Richie. The 31-year-old Fashion Star judge and mother of two has been sporting a petite figure for several years after losing weight in 2006 and her breasts have never been noticeably large. However, recent pictures of the starlet on vacation show otherwise.

Richie was photographed wearing a low-cut coral top that shows off a much larger cup size on her still petite figure. In other photos, Richie was captured wearing a red bikini that could not hide the fact that her breasts appear much larger. Given that she has not gained any weight, it’s likely that the increase is due to breast implant surgery.

Representatives have yet to comment on whether the rumors are true or not, but anyone who looks at pictures of the fashion designer now compared to just a few months ago can tell that her breast size has definitely increased. Either way, Richie doesn’t appear to be giving any thoughts to the rumors. She has been enjoying her vacation with her family and has flaunted her figure without concern. If she did in fact have a breast enhancement procedure, she is certainly happy with the way it turned out and is not afraid to show off her curves.

Perhaps in time we’ll get a confession regarding Nicole Richie’s breast implant surgery rumor, but for now, all we have is our own speculation.

Richie didn’t appear to have opted for an overly large augmentation, which many celebrities tend to do. Despite her small frame, her breasts do not seem awkwardly large and look very natural.

For anyone thinking about getting a breast augmentation, it’s important to take into consideration what cup size is desired. Many women prefer a dramatic increase in size, but having too large of a breast size may not suit women with smaller frames.

If you have been thinking about getting breast implants, it’s important to talk to an experienced plastic surgeon to discuss your ideal options and ensure the most natural and stunning results.