Demi Lovato is one of the hottest young rising stars. Known for her vocal talents, the 21-year-old Dallas native has dabbled in singing, acting and even directing, so there’s no stopping her from reaching the top. But the attractive sometimes brunette, sometimes blonde, sometimes blue-haired starlet may be keeping a little secret from the public. Is Lovato considering plastic surgery? Let’s find out.

Lovato spoke with Demi Lovato spoke with Miami’s Y100 radio station backstage at the Jingle Ball 2013 concert last Friday and was confronted with a very direct and rather uncomfortable situation. The songstress had to pick a random question out of a Santa hat to answer, and the question she got was: “You were picked to give one celebrity plastic surgery. Who would it be and what type of surgery?”

Though she was trying to get on Santa’s good graces by keeping her opinions to herself, she decided to answer the question after all, and the answer was a little surprising.

“It should be me! I should get a boob job. [My breasts] are like mosquito bites.”

Sure, she may have said that jokingly, but could there be some truth to that answer?

Lovato has been candid in the past about her struggles with body image issues, a problem she’s suffered from since she was a young girl.

“When I started having body image issues I remember being three years old in a diaper and rubbing my hand over my stomach … and I remember thinking in my head ‘I wonder if one day this will ever be flat?’” she said during an interview with Katie Couric.

Since then, the “Heart Attack” singer has been working on her issues and even sought treatment for an eating disorder. She has now dedicated herself to being a positive role model for girls who are also struggling with self-esteem issues.

Still, if Lovato decides to get a breast enlargement procedure, it wouldn’t be the most awkward or shocking thing in the world. Plenty of stars her own age have gotten more than one procedure done, many to the point that they have become unrecognizable. But if Lovato were to undergo breast enhancement surgery, she would most likely obtain a big boost in self esteem.

For many women, the size of their breasts is a big concern. Many who are not endowed with naturally large breasts find that breast implants can completely transform their appearance; boosting their confidence and making them feel more feminine. Not that Lovato doesn’t have self esteem now, but a natural augmentation of perhaps one cup size or two may give her just that little extra push in confidence we all sometimes need.

The important thing to remember is that the breast augmentation surgery should be as natural as possible. Too many stars opt for unnaturally large breasts that just end up giving them complications. Heidi Montag, for example, the former reality TV star, opted to get size H breasts and ended up having a reduction after complaining of pain from the large breasts.

An experienced plastic surgeon will never allow a patient to undergo a treatment that is not in their best interest. A first-time breast augmentation should never go beyond a 2-cup increase. Not only for the sake of the patient’s skin elasticity, but to allow the patient to get comfortable with the new size.