Every year, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons releases statistics on cosmetic procedures that serve as a barometer for our industry. It tracks which procedures are gaining in popularity and which are waning. Most years, the report remains much the same as it was the year before, especially in regard to the list of the top five most popular procedures.

Breast Lifts Might Surpass Breast Implants

The ASPS 2013 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report indicates that the industry continued to grow last year, rising by one percent since 2012. Of course, certain procedures changed more than others. This year, the spotlight is on breast lifts, which are growing at twice the rate of breast implants. In fact, since the year 2000, the popularity of breast lifts has increased by 70 percent.

This means that breast lifts are growing in popularity at twice the rate of breast implants. Tellingly, about 70 percent of breast lift patients are between 30 and 54 years old. Giving birth, breast-feeding and general aging all cause the breasts to lose volume and change position.

In the meantime, our society is geared toward living healthy, active lives, so women in that demographic may feel that their breasts are not an accurate representation of the way they feel. Another common cause of breast change is dramatic fluctuations in weight, which can be the result of dieting, exercising or weight-loss procedures.

Breast Implants Are Still More Popular Overall

The dramatic growth in breast lifts should not be seen as a sign that breast implants are losing ground. Breast-augmentation procedures are still the most performed cosmetic surgery in the United States, and the number of procedures grew from 286,274 in 2012 to 290,224 in 2013.

Many experts in the industry speculate that more women are interested in procedures that use their own tissue to augment their breasts rather than using another substance. However, the increase could have more to do with the fact that surgeons are growing comfortable performing the two procedures in tandem to achieve the best possible results.

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Use The Pencil Test To Get An Idea About Which Procedure You’ll Want

Although nothing can replace a consultation with an experienced cosmetic surgeon, there is a way for you to test whether or not you could benefit from a breast lift. Simply take a pencil or pen and place it under your breast. If the pencil falls when you let go, you may wish to have a breast augmentation surgery only. If the pencil remains under the breast then you could benefit from a lift.

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