It’s important that through any plastic surgery operation, a patient has the support they need from loved ones to ease their concerns and help them recover. Angelina Jolie is no different than any other plastic surgery patient, and her partner Brad Pitt knows exactly what to do to help her surpass her difficult breast reconstruction surgery.

A few months ago, Jolie shocked the world when she decided to undergo a preventative double mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery to remove tissue in her breasts. The 37-year-old actress revealed that after taking some genetic tests, she found out she was positive for the BRCA1 genetic mutation, which increases a patient’s chances of developing breast cancer. In fact, Jolie bravely admitted she was at a staggering 87 percent risk of developing breast cancer.

Although she had not been diagnosed with the tragic illness, Jolie decided it was best to undergo the preventative surgery in order to reduce the chances she would become sick in the future. Jolie’s family has a long-standing history of breast cancer, with her mother having passed away from the disease. Jolie did not want her children to go through the pain and suffering she endured from losing a parent, and made the difficult choice of undergoing surgery.

Now, her chances of developing breast cancer have been reduced to fewer than 5 percent, and her family couldn’t be happier. And although Jolie is known for her strength and bravery, she couldn’t have made it through such difficult times without the help of her partner.

Sources say Pitt has been doing everything in his power to help his fiancé heal from the complicated series of surgeries. According to a family friend named Jeremy Kleiner, the pair has always had a close bond and Pitt has been working tirelessly to make sure Jolie is comfortable and wants for nothing as she recovers.

There have been rumors that Pitt has also urged Jolie to tie the knot after her double mastectomy and breast reconstruction. While the couple agreed to a long engagement, Pitt doesn’t seem to want to waste any time before getting hitched to his long-time girlfriend, especially after facing Jolie’s health scare together.

The surgeries have undoubtedly brought the pair even closer together, so it’s no surprise that Pitt would want to show his support for Jolie with the ultimate show of commitment – marriage.

Neither Pitt nor Jolie have hinted at a date for their wedding ceremony, but for now, the couple is concentrated on making sure Jolie is 100 percent healthy.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, aside from non-melanoma skin cancer. It’s important for both women and men to regularly test themselves for the presence of cell mutations and take action to fight cancer as quickly as possible. Jolie’s goal was to help empower women to take a proactive stance with regards to their health, instead of being afraid to seek medical assistance or to find out whether they are sick or not.

The sooner breast cancer is detected, the better the outcome of the treatment. And with the advancements in modern medicine now, women don’t have to worry about the physical changes their bodies will undergo following a mastectomy. Breast reconstruction surgery can reshape and even enhance the size of a patient’s breasts, leaving only minimal scars and helping cancer survivors feel self-confident once again.

If you or a loved one have considered breast reconstruction in New York following or in conjunction with a mastectomy, turn to experienced plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer today to schedule a consultation and discuss you best options for the treatment.