Celebrities have been known to embark down strange roads to self discovery, but while singer/actress Miley Cyrus may be hogging all the headlines these days, before Miley, there was Amanda. Amanda Bynes that is, the former Nickelodeon comedienne. Bynes has been known to play the girl-next-door, funny-yet-quirky character in most of her TV shows and films, but it seems like in the past year, Bynes underwent a serious transformation.

The actress began getting in trouble with the law for driving under the influence and her defiant antics quickly escalated to a fashion rebellion and body makeover. Like Cyrus, Bynes decided to chop off her hair and adopt a more street kind of attitude, but aside from her behavior, Bynes has also turned to plastic surgery for more than just the average nip and tuck. The 27-year-old has already undergone three Rhinoplasty surgeries, and as of now, it doesn’t seem as though she will be stopping any time soon.

Bynes has expressed extreme disapproval of her nose, which she says has an unattractive “webbing” at the bridge, which extends into her eyes. That much isn’t so absurd; after all, many individuals suffer from asymmetrical nose shapes or other issues and undergo Rhinoplasty to correct the problems. But Bynes doesn’t seem to be satisfied, no matter what she does. The actress has already had three nose jobs is looking to get another one.

According to Bynes, the first nose job didn’t fully correct the webbing problem, so she went back in for a second surgery. However, she wasn’t happy with the results of the second procedure either, so she had a third nose job and when that one didn’t please her, Bynes decided it was time for a fourth Rhinoplasty surgery. As an experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. David Shafer can tell you that three nose jobs is two too many. Most nasal imperfections can be taken care of on the first surgery. For some individuals, a second surgery may be needed, but the likelihood of this happening is slim. We have to wonder if Bynes is truly unhappy with her surgery results, or if she is just unhappy with herself overall.

Bynes maintains she has been unhappy with her nose for quite some time and has felt self-conscious as a result. The surgeries have already reduced the size of her bridge and the initial surgery removed the webbing, so what more could she possibly ask for?

At least we know that Bynes is happier after her surgeries. The starlet turned to Twitter to express her self-esteem issues and told followers that “having surgery was the most amazing thing for my confidence!”

New York plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer agrees that cosmetic procedures like Rhinoplasty can do wonders for an individual’s self esteem. Not everyone is born with the perfect nose or figure, but plastic surgery can correct physical imperfections that can lead us to feel less confident with ourselves.

If you have considered undergoing Rhinoplasty or any other cosmetic treatment, Dr. Shafer can help you decide on the treatment that is best for your unique and individual needs so you can look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside. Contact Shafer Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation and speak to Dr. Shafer about you aesthetic goals.