It’s not uncommon for women to seek plastic surgery in hopes of looking like their favorite celebrities. Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, Kate Middleton, and even the First Lady herself, Michelle Obama, have all been idolized for their unique looks and physique. Some women have turned to plastic surgery to undergo a buttocks augmentation to have a more supple derriere like J-Lo’s, while other women have chosen to emulate Michelle Obama’s sculpted arms via arm lift surgery. But while several of our patients here at Shafer Plastic Surgery in New York have come in asking for plastic surgery to resemble a famous face or body, it most commonly female patients that come to us asking for a treatment.

However, as the taboo behind cosmetic treatments dwindles with each passing year, an increasing number of men are also opting to get some work done and are not afraid to admit it. Most recently, we learned of an aspiring actor in New Jersey who spent several thousand dollars to look like his favorite star – Ryan Gosling. It’s hard to find too many people who wouldn’t want to look Gosling, but how many people would actually undergo surgery to look like him?

Apparently, Nicholas Ryan would! In fact, Ryan spent $5,000 on cosmetic treatments to look like Gosling, but was it worth it?

Currently living in Los Angeles, the newbie actor has already learned that he’s got to have the “It” factor in order to make it in Hollywood – something Ryan Gosling has down pat. Ryan said the feature he most admired from Gosling is his “squared-off” chin, and underwent hours of Botox and fillers to add more definition to his cheeks and jaw bone.

Gosling certainly does have a very chiseled chin, and plastic surgery can get patients that same look. However, if Ryan wanted to look like Gosling, no one would really be able to tell from his transformation that he was aspiring to resemble the “Drive” star. Other than his chin looking a little more defined, there’s not much connecting the two thespians by way of looks. Perhaps Ryan will opt to follow up the Botox and fillers with chin augmentation surgery or a cheek lift to give him a more permanent look.

Botox and fillers are great for patients looking for a temporary improvement in appearance, but within a few months, the treatments have to be repeated. Surgical enhancement of the cheeks or chin can solve that problem.

Dr. David Shafer in New York has performed several kinds of augmentation and reconstruction surgeries on the chin and cheeks for both women and men who are aspiring to resemble their favorite celebrities or who are trying to enhance their own natural features. The surgery is extremely versatile, allowing patients who undergo the treatment to choose from raising their cheek bones, adding definition to their cheeks or chin, softening deep lines, or adding fullness to the face.

For more information on chin and cheek augmentation surgeries, consult with New York plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer today to discuss your ideal surgical option.