If you are planning a cosmetic surgery this year, you are certainly not alone. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s annual report, the number of cosmetic procedures in the United States increased by 12 percent last year. That’s the largest increase since 2008!

Breast Lift

All told, more than 11 million people sought out cosmetic treatments last year, and we anticipate even more will do so this year. With that in mind, now seems like the perfect time to dispel a few popular myths about breast lifts.

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Myth 1: Patients Can Lift Their Breasts Using Pectoral Exercises

Although it is true that these exercises can enhance muscle tone, they cannot change the shape of a woman’s breasts. Breasts sag over time as skin and ligaments stretch, and exercise addresses neither of those factors.

Myth 2: Breast Augmentation Lifts Breasts

Implants target volume and shape, not position. It’s as simple as that. After all, implants only add a substance to the body.

Myth 3: Patients Must Choose Between Implants And A Breast Lift

Smart Beauty Guide dispels this myth, indicating that breast lifts are the best way to improve the results of a breast augmentation. In fact, cosmetic surgeons combine the two procedures about as often as they perform them separately.

Surgeons use breast implants to achieve the desired shape, size and level of firmness, and breast lifts to change the position of the nipple, which can drastically improve the overall result of the procedure.

Combining the procedures has other benefits, too. If you were to undergo both procedures separately, you would end up paying more and recovering for a longer period of time. However, if you decide to combine the procedures, make sure to select a surgeon with a high level of expertise.

Myth 4: Supplements, Creams And Other Products Can Replace Breast Lifts

Any person who claims that a cream or a vitamin supplement will alter the shape or sag of the breasts is lying to you. Without exception, these products are a waste of money. As mentioned above, natural changes to the support structure around the breasts causes breast sag.

Once the skin and other tissues of the breasts lose their integrity, no amount of cream or lotion can restore them. If you use them, you’re just paying for overpriced moisturizer.

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