There are many traits to look for in a cosmetic surgeon. You should make sure he or she is board certified, has a good reputation and possesses enough experience in the field to put your mind at ease. However, the most important trait of your surgeon is honesty.

No one likes being told “no,” but an honest surgeon will evaluate you with your best interests in mind, which means he or she may determine that the best course of action for you is not to have your cosmetic surgery after all.

The best surgeons are those who don’t perform surgeries only for their own bottom lines. They are the ones who take the time to get to know you and your goals before the procedure.

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  1. If You Want Cosmetic Surgery for the Wrong Reasons

    First, let’s discuss the right reasons for wanting cosmetic surgery. Certain procedures can help you address physical problems that cause you emotional distress or unhappiness. For instance, a facelift can address sagging facial skin and deep creases between the corners of the nose and mouth. After the procedure, you may find yourself feeling more positive about the way you look, and you should expect to like what you see in the mirror more than you did prior to having surgery.

    Cosmetic procedures will not comprehensively change your life, though. Real Self reports that surgeons regularly turn away patients who believe that a facelift is the only way to win the affection of another person.

  2. If You Aren’t Healthy Enough

    You don’t need to be a fitness savant to be considered a good candidate for cosmetic surgery, but there are a few health concerns that could disqualify you. For instance, your surgeon will be reluctant to perform a facelift if you smoke excessively and are unable to quit for at least several weeks before and after the procedure.

    Likewise, diabetes doesn’t automatically disqualify you, but you will need to have it under control in order to qualify for cosmetic procedures. Certain conditions, such as bleeding disorders, might also raise a red flag for your surgeon.

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