At Shafer Plastic Surgery in New York, Dr. David Shafer has helped hundreds of patients to regain their sense of self esteem after undergoing life-changing accidents that left behind scars and physical trauma. Incidents such as a car crash, slip and fall or even a physical attack can cause extensive damage to the body and leave behind unsightly scars. Reconstructive plastic surgery can correct most of these deformities, giving patients the chance to enjoy their lives without having to worry about the physical damage.

New York plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer has helped many patients with procedures such as Breast Reconstruction following cancer, Rhinoplasty following an injury to the nose and many other incidents. When the injury or damage occurs in the face, time is of the essence in stopping any further damage. Although other areas of the body that experience trauma at least can be hidden with clothing, the face is exposed, making patients feel self conscious about the damage they have sustained. Facial reconstructive plastic surgery can give patients back their lives by correcting the damage caused by the incident and allowing them to move forward from the accident. Plastic surgery is helping one young girl right now by correcting damage done by a dog attack.

The girl, only 11 years old, was bit several times on the face by her uncle’s dog while at a family gathering. The incident occurred on Saturday around 1 p.m. in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, while the little girl was at a party hosted by her uncle. The girl, originally from California, was in town to visit her grandparents and her uncle had thrown together a small gathering of family members for the occasion.

The man had secured his dog – a pit bull – in a back room to make sure his loved ones were kept safe, but the little girl was not aware of this. However, the young girl was not aware of this and when she opened the door to the room, the large dog attacked her.

According to Sgt. Gary Young, of the Cottonwood Heights Police Department, the little girl was rushed to Primary Children’s Medical Center for “fairly extensive facial injuries,” but is doing well. St. Young explained doctors at the center are performing emergency facial plastic surgery. Because the victim is a minor, her name was not revealed.

Because the girl’s uncle had taken the necessary steps to keep the dog away from his loved ones, no charges will be filed. He also expressed the desire to have Animal Control Services take the dog after the attack.

Although not much is known about the girl’s actual facial trauma, reconstructive plastic surgery can eliminate scarring and deep wounds caused by the pit bull’s bites.

All of us here at Shafer Plastic Surgery wish the little girl a speedy and successful recovery.

If you have been through a similar incident and wish to undergo reconstructive plastic surgery, turn to experienced New York plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer to discuss the best options for your treatment. Dr. Shafer will review the extent of the injuries and scars and will create an individualized plan that will be best at treating your wounds.

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