Experts on the neural, educational, and surgical possibilities.

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“Vagina-nomics” became a recognized market trend in 2016. As advertising agency JWT Intelligence then put it: “female sexuality—once euphemized or ignored—is now taking center stage across multiple industries.”

If the vulva has been ignored and overcomplicated, the penis has arguably been oversimplified. Yet sexual wellness and industry experts say male sexuality and the penis are starting to enjoy the same sex tech “rejouissance” as the vulva.

Our latest Future of Sex Expert Series question continues on with this focus. We asked: What is the most exciting possibility for the future of penile enhancement?

Jeff Bennett, Founder and CEO of Morari Medical

Jeff Bennett, Morari Medical’s CEO and Founder“Vascular issues of the penis such as erectile dysfunction have resulted in a multi-billion dollar market. An area that has largely been ignored are issues related to the neural response of the penis.

“The penis has a high concentration of nerves that have the opportunity to be altered to enhance the sexual experience.”

Patricia López Trabajo, Founder and CEO of MYHIXEL

Patricia López CEO of MYHIXEL“I think we have to talk about sex education before talking about penis enlargement or any aesthetic modification. Many men decide to undergo surgery due to insecurities and low self-esteem as a consequence of lack of sexual education.

“Therefore, breaking all the taboos surrounding men’s sexuality is a must and it should start by consulting a professional to help men regain their sexual and mental health.

“Penis size is something men are very concerned about, mainly because they use porn actors as a penis reference model. This has led to dissatisfaction and an increase in penis enlargement operations.

“However, there are a number of possible side effects to consider, such as problems in achieving a full erection, reduced penile sensitivity, and decreased overall sexual satisfaction. Thus, I would advise that before considering these aesthetic modifications, it is best to seek psychotherapy from a professional who can undoubtedly help you through this process.”

Dr. David Shafer, double board-certified plastic surgeon of Shafer Clinic Fifth Avenue

Dr. Shafer“Just like many other plastic surgery procedures, advancements in non- or minimally-invasive procedures have expanded the possibilities for body augmentation, including penile enhancement.

“As an international trainer on patient safety and hyaluronic acid injections such as Juvederm, I am excited about the expanded uses of Juvederm Voluma. Prior to injectable augmentation (a procedure we call the S.W.A.G. Penis Enhancement Procedure), the only options were surgical, which involved unsightly scars and implantation of rigid devices.

“Now with injectables such as Voluma and Bellafill, we can achieve instant results with minimal downtime and no surgical scars. The beauty of the procedure, especially with Voluma, is that the procedure is also reversible with a special injectable enzyme. So, while it is rare for patients to ask for a reversal, the option is there if needed. In the coming years, I expect even more enhanced results with next-generation dermal fillers with biostimulatory properties for longer duration.”

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