The chemical peel is a type of skin treatment that can safely address skin problems such as discoloration, wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, and dullness. It is done using different chemicals and for various durations of time depending on the treatment required.

The chemical solutions used in a chemical peel cause the layers of damaged and dead skin to peel away and make way for new skin cells. The treatments may cause a temporary stinging sensation but are otherwise comfortable. A chemical peel must be administered by a qualified medical professional.

Types of Peels

Chemical peels are classified based on their strength, which is based on the chemicals used and the skin layer the chemicals penetrate down to.

Superficial Peel – A superficial, or light, peel is done using a mild acid such as alphahydroxy acid. The chemical in this peel seeps into the outermost skin layer only. The peel can treat rough skin and slight discoloration. It can also remove dull skin from the face, neck, and hands. This peel is quite safe and does not require anesthesia.

Medium Peel – This type of peel is done using trichloroacetic acid or glycolic acid to soak into the outer and middle skin layers. It can effectively remove age spots, wrinkles, freckles, and discoloration. It can also be used for actinic keratoses (precancerous growths on skin). No anesthesia is needed for a medium peel.

Deep Peel – A deep, or strong, chemical peel is done using phenol or at times trichloroacetic acid to soak into the middle layer more deeply than a medium peel. It can treat scars, age spots, lines, and freckles. These peels require local anesthesia with sedation in order to preserve patient comfort.

The Benefits of Chemical Peels

With chemical peels, you can achieve smoother and more youthful skin during one or more safe treatment sessions. You can get rid of blotches and blemishes of any kind on your skin. Peels can remove skin dullness and restore that rosy glow.

Chemical peels are also effective in removing signs of sun damage. Some medium peels can even lighten birthmarks on the face and neck. Deep peels can remove severe acne scars, control acne, and even treat skin growths. Deep peels offer long-lasting results.

The Chemical Peel Treatments We Offer

Given the efficacy and popularity of peels, we offer a number of peel options to our patients:

VI Peel – This peel is extremely effective for removing aging signs from the skin. It can make skin smoother and typically offers results within a week’s time.

Rejuvenize Peel – This deep peel effectively treats sun-damaged skin, acne scars, and fine lines in a single treatment.

Vitalize Peel – This peel can be used to treat mild skin conditions. It is a popular way to add a glow to skin instantly. It is a superficial peel and contains different acids to work effectively to tighten pores and boost collagen production.

Illuminize Peel – This mild peel is helpful for giving the skin a rosy glow. It can treat mild skin problems, and it is also used to brighten skin for special events, as it produces quick results.

Glycolic Peel – This peel option contains antioxidants along with glycolic acid for adding radiance to skin. It can treat pores and remove wrinkles.

VI Peel Precision Plus – This peel is used for treating age spots, severe discoloration, and extremely rough skin. It can also treat lesions and melasma.

Unisex Intimate Bleaching Peel – This peel has a special formula to lighten the vaginal region, anal region, areolae, and underarms. It is also able to smooth skin that has razor bumps or ingrown hairs.

Schedule a Consultation to Pick Your Peel

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