In a nutshell: It’s a Kylie makeover for your dick.

Like most people, I’m hard to shock these days. Having made it through the insanity of 2017 still alive and mostly intact, I struggle to raise a poorly penciled eyebrow in surprise at just about anything. But then I heard about penis fillers, at which point my jaw disconnected from my face, fell on the floor, and rolled in front of a subway car.


Meet Dr. David Shafer, the pioneer behind the spectacularly named S.W.A.G procedure, which uses the same FDA-approved techniques used to pump up lips and cheeks to pump up the penis. In a nutshell: It’s a Kylie makeover for your dick.

As a non-penis-holder, I can’t really pass judgment on what someone wants to do with theirs. Still, I had some questions. I called up Dr. Shafer to discuss the art of penis enlargement.

I understand you make dicks bigger. In layman’s terms, can you tell me how?

“Using the same FDA-approved products and techniques that we use to plump lips and cheeks, I’ve developed a technique to increase the width and girth of the penis. The filler is injected under the skin of the penis, then fanned out in multiple directions to ensure a smooth contour along the shaft. The treatment enhances the girth of the penis significantly…the more filler used, the larger the enhancement.”

I feel like this is very cool but also crazy. This is crazy, right?

“[Laughs] Well… If you think about it, a lot of what we do is crazy! Consider breast implants; when breast implants first came out, everyone thought it was crazy. Or with lip injections, even ten years ago, people thought that seemed crazy. I’d hear things like ‘What, you’re filling up the lip? Why would you do that?’ So, you know, now with this procedure, it’s really just the next thing.”

So…you’re saying dick injections could be the new normal?

“Totally. In a good way!”

How did you come up with this procedure?

“When I first graduated from my training about ten years ago, non-invasive procedures such as the use of dermal fillers, Juvederm, were really just taking off. As a plastic surgeon at the time, usually you just did surgery. But part of what I incorporated really early on were a lot of the non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures, like Botox and hyaluronic dermal fillers.

“With the penis, it was just using all of my skills and the experience I’ve had injecting these fillers everywhere else in the body—it occurred to me that it was something we could use for the penis. Specifically, there is a layer in the penis between the erectile portion and the skin, where there is this empty space that we can fill in. So just like how we can pump up someone’s lips, now we can pump up someone’s penis.”

So it’s like a Kylie lip makeover for the dick?


Have you seen any botched or overinflated dicks?

“Not in my office, but you can do an internet search for that one!

*Author’s note: DO NOT GOOGLE THIS*

“With any plastic surgery, that kind of thing can happen if you go to someone who isn’t certified. If anyone is considering having penis enhancement injections, make sure it is done with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. You don’t want to be going to an unskilled person, at someone’s basement in Florida, where you have to risk your health. I have no idea why people do that.”

Do you see a lot of demand for this?

“Right now we are doing 2-3 of these procedures each week. The interest level has been incredible. And, I’ll tell ya, we have a 100 percent rate of people who come in for the consultation and want the procedure the same day. I just did one this afternoon, actually. Someone today came in this morning and then went to a lunch meeting right after.”

What about balls? Are guys coming in asking for those big, Cisco Adler balls?

“[Laughs] We haven’t done that, but the same concept would apply. But for the balls we actually do a lot of laser hair removal. We also do other procedures for men in that area, such as liposuction, which can make the penis appear bigger, and anal bleaching…”

That sounds like a package deal: ball hair removal, anal bleaching, penis injections…. You should do a Valentine’s Day special!

“We should. That’s a good idea!”

Did I just become complicit in this?

“I’ll talk to some people at my office.”

*Update: THIS is happening!*

Last question: Do you feel like you’re contributing to unattainable male beauty standards that men are subjected to?

“Ha! Well, look, now they are attainable, right?”

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