The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery is warning parents that kids are using hyaluron pens to inject filler into their lips. Watch video here.

Video Transcript

MEGHAN SCHILLER: There is a new dangerous trend making the rounds on TikTok. And now the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery Association is warning parents. They say kids are buying Hyaluron Pens to inject filler into their lips. Joining me now, live over Zoom, is a double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer. Thank you for joining us tonight.

DAVID SHAFER: Hi, Meghan. Thanks for having me today.

MEGHAN SCHILLER: What in the world is a Hyaluron Pen?

DAVID SHAFER: You know, I didn’t even know what it was at first, and I looked online, and I ordered one. And basically, what it is, it’s this metal pen. And you put a product in the needle, and you cock it like an old B.B. Gun. You put it in your face and shoot it. So you’re shooting the filler into your face. It’s not using needles, but it’s using air pressure. And so the problem is that there’s no control over how it’s going in, how deep it’s going, or where it’s going to go. And also when you’re ordering items like this online, you’re not knowing what it is that you’re actually injecting. Is it truly hyaluronic acid? Or is it some fake product, or some contaminated product with bacteria? And that is really a very dangerous thing for people to be doing at home.

MEGHAN SCHILLER: How in the world did this craze start? Is it because we see celebrities that have bigger lips than we have?

DAVID SHAFER: I think people see the lips, and also when everything was closed during COVID times, the offices were closed. And people started doing home treatment. So we had people ordering peels online and burning their face. We have people ordering different toxins and fillers online, trying to inject themselves. And it just leads to problems, because they don’t have the experience on how to do it. They don’t know the technique, and they think just because they can see it or watch a video online, that they could do it themselves. But we have patients coming into the office with really terrible problems that are hard to fix.

MEGHAN SCHILLER: Wow. So what could go wrong, if you decide to buy this at-home test kit, and you try to do it yourself?

DAVID SHAFER: I mean, just because it doesn’t have needles, doesn’t mean, it’s not invasive. It’s pushing the product into the body. So the product is being pushed in, and it could be contaminated. It could not even be hyaluronic acid. And you could get lumps and bumps, swelling, infections– like the video that you’re showing on the screen there. And we do have treatments that we have that work on hyaluronic acid. But let’s say it’s silicone, or some other product, or not a pure product, it can be very difficult to fix. And require surgery or other interventions, and it could lead to long-term problems, not just the quick fix.

MEGHAN SCHILLER: Wow, what should parents look out for? What warning signs might you see? I mean, definitely look at where your kids are ordering, or monitor their packages. Now that everybody’s wearing the masks, it’s hard to see their face. So they might have done something to their face, and now they’re hiding it. So definitely talk to them. Make sure you’re taking a look at them, and monitor what they’re doing, not only to themselves, but also online.

MEGHAN SCHILLER: How would you address this with your kids? Do you do you say, hey we’ll take you somewhere to get it done right? Or do you try to tell them they don’t need it?

DAVID SHAFER: I mean, definitely I talk to kids about self-esteem and loving themselves, and how they look, and embracing that. But if they truly had something that needed plastic surgery intervention, I’d make sure that I would go to a board-certified plastic surgeon, or board-certified dermatologist for the treatment. I certainly wouldn’t encourage them to order something online and do it themselves.

MEGHAN SCHILLER: Wow. Dr. Shafer, thank you for your time tonight.

DAVID SHAFER: Definitely Thanks. Have a good evening.


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