A natural-looking, plumped pout can be yours.

Let’s be honest, full lips never really go out of style. Still, there’s no denying that as dedicated as we always are to an iconic red lipstick or sexy nude shade, lips have really stepped up their game in the last few years in the contest to become your buzziest facial feature. Maybe it’s that Kylie Jenner influence. Or maybe the rise of a new generation of pillowy hyaluronic acid fillers has spurred it on. Either way, big lips are bigger business than ever – the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported more than 28,000 lip augmentations were performed in the US in 2016 a whopping 53% increase since 2000.

If your lips are smaller than you’d like—fear not. We’ve got the scoop on the latest cosmetic treatments and makeup tips to make your lips plumper right away and over time.

The big innovations on the lip scene lately have come in the form of fillers, especially those featuring moisturizing wunderkind hyaluronic acid. “All of the fillers I recommend for lips are based on hyaluronic acid (HA), which is the major component of the body’s own collagen,” says plastic surgeon Lara Devgan. “This means that they have biologic characteristics that look and feel more natural. It also means that they are fully dissolvable, which is an excellent feature for patient safety.”

In particular, products like Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero, and Volbella, all of which are HA-based, have gained major followings among docs. “Each company has several different types of HA fillers which differ based on the HA concentration and how the molecules are linked together,” explains plastic surgeon and RealSelf contributor David Shafer. The tighter those bonds are, the thicker the filler gel is, and the thicker the gel, the more plumping power it packs. But opting for the thickest gel around isn’t always the path to your perfect look, even if you want more major lips. “The goal is not to make your lips look like a frankfurter,” warns dermatologist Patricia Wexler.

See, part of the appeal of hyaluronic acid fillers compared to the silicone injections of yore is that they look more natural – the ultimate “your lips but better” – so it’s all about sitting down with your doctor, discussing your goals, and figuring out what works best for your mouth. “My choice of fillers depends on a patient’s unique anatomic characteristics, as well as their desired results, but roughly speaking, the ones I use most often are Volbella for a subtle result, Belotero for a moderate result, and Restylane Refyne for a full result,” says Devgan.

Since HA is naturally absorbed by the body over time (six months to a year, for most patients) these fillers can be an ideal option if you’re not ready to commit to permanently altering your lips, but they’re not exactly an impulse-buy either; depending on which filler you choose and the amount used, HA lip fillers can range from $500-$800. Looking to get a more long-term solution? Fat transfers (when a small amount of your own fat, typically from the belly or thighs, is removed, prepared by your doctor, and then reinjected into the lips) may be worth considering. The treatment, which Devgan refers to as “the next frontier in lip augmentation,” can cost several thousand dollars but the results are permanent.

Another new in-office option are Nova Threads (cost: $500) “Nova Threads are a new type of ‘injectable’ which is essentially similar to suture material which we use in surgery,” Shafer explains. “The material stimulates collagen around it. In the office, using very small cannulas, we inject these threads under the skin and the collagen boost helps fine lines and wrinkles, but can also add some volume and shape.”