Nicole Psomas graduated as a Physical Therapist with a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy and Health & Science from Thomas Jefferson University. After graduating from Jefferson she moved to New York City and was hired by the world famous New York Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell Medical Center, where she works to date.

At Cornell, she held the position of Clinical Specialist for the Trauma, Surgical and Medicine Service and worked in reconstructive plastic surgery, helping patients who were recovering after various conditions, such as a trauma or cancer. In 2010, she made the decision to have an elective cosmetic procedure done with New York City Plastic Surgeon, Dr. David Shafer, MD. With minimal information on rehabilitation after cosmetic plastic surgery, she instinctively used the skills she practiced on a daily basis to speed up healing and improve her results after stomach liposuction. Dr. Shafer was astounded by her results and asked her to share the secrets for such an extraordinary recovery.

This sparked a referral service where, to date, she has been treating his patients, and those of many different plastic surgeons all over New York and New Jersey, implementing techniques and educating individuals on how to take recovery into their own hands. She developed her own unique recipe for recovery which she calls “After The Cut”…”The Psomas Method.” She has made this guide available in a book titled “After The Cut: How to Prepare For and Recover from Cosmetic Plastic Surgery” which launched this month. You can purchase the book at or on Amazon.

Below please find some of the products Psomas swears by – in her own words:

Botox®: I started using Botox® on my forehead at age 25 to help treat migraines. The added bonus was the aesthetic improvement it made. I have been getting Botox® treatments ever since. I now even get it in my underarms for Hyper-hidrosis.

Arnica (Arnicare® brand): in cream or gel form, helps reduce swelling and bruising. One secret I tell patients is use it as an under eye de-puffer and dark circle reducer. Arnica is also a staple that I recommend post cosmetic surgery (pre: orally and post: topically).

Bromelain: made from pineapple extract – taken orally helps decrease bloating and swelling in the body. I recommend Bromelain for every cosmetic surgery patient, post-surgery.

La Mer®: the original Moisturizing Cream is the hands down best anti-aging/ hydrating product on the market.

24K Gold Beauty® vibrating roller is the best for reducing face puffiness. The vibrating effect speeds up the results much faster than other rollers ie. Jade Rollers.

For body hydration I use an old school remedy of Coco Butter lotion. For areas of patchy, very dry skin, Aquaphor® is the best for intense hydration. Aquaphor® is a little too thick and sticky to be used as an all over treatment.

Scar Away® silicone strips are amazing for any little or big scars I have needed to treat.

Norco mini vibrator is a fantastic hand held tool that helps massage and break down scar tissue. It works on the smallest scars (ie. Cut on the hand) and bigger scars (post c-section incision).

American Beauty® cold face mask is my go-to for reducing face/eye puffiness.

Spanx® compression garments are a must when I am feeling bloated. They also can be used as a stage 2 garment after many cosmetic surgery procedures (i.e., Liposuction)