I wanted a pick-me-up for 2016 and have wondered for a long time about adding a bit of sexy to my lips. Embarrassed to say — but Kylie Jenner’s new lips are what got me thinking. Dr. Shafer said many patients ask about hers so I felt better to hear that (I am in my 40s). My lips were fine before but a little boring so I thought why not try to look better. He started me with a numbing cream. I was so nervous my palms were sweating but I promise it didn’t hurt at all! Dr. Shafer was needle motions were gentle, relaxed. The shape is BEAUTIFUL and I got to look in a mirror several times during the process. He did my upper lip first, then lower, then a bit more to the upper. He used one full needle which is 1 cc (I asked – Juviderm ultra). He said he was sticking to my God given lip shape but just enhancing and that is what I got. I used an ice pack in Dr. Shafer’s office and then used two more at home for about 15 minutes. I do not have any bruising what’s so ever. I know every one is different but I look great NOW. There probably is some swelling but if so, it isn’t noticeable at all or a bad thing. This was just a great experience and I have much nicer lips. Dr. Shafer knows what he is doing and is so pleasant.