Highly recommended by several highly respected and qualified medical professionals. Dr. Shafer did an Amazing job. I had ZERO Bruising and some normal to be expected swelling. Everything Dr. Shafer promised was an understatement. Dr. Shafer is a very down to earth, friendly, likeable person with an ability to perform as a surgeon up there at the very top of all the plastic surgeons around (coast to coast). Let me add that Dr. Wade is the Greatest Anesthesiologist ever. A super nice/sweet and kind person, very caring and professional. You will feel right no worries with her. Relax, Trust them and let them to their magic. I drifted off for an hour and woke feeling no pain and clear minded… I highly recommend using Dr. Shafer and Dr Wade as a team. If you are considering having any procedure done. Please call Stacy in the office 212-888-7770 and make an appointment to meet and consult with Dr. Shafer. Stacy is very friendly and welcoming. When you meet Dr Shafer’s surgical coordinator Eileen you will agree that she is a Sweetheart… Extremely knowledgeable and professional with such a friendly persona. It has only been one week and I feel Great…. THANK YOU DR SHAFER & DR. WADE, You are the BEST!!!! Jerry M.