I read all sorts of reviews online, some good, some scary, some bad. I chose Shafer Plastic Surgery and Dr. Shafer because they had nothing but positive reviews, and after looking through their website and speaking to Stacy at the office I had a good feeling about them. The first day I walked into Dr Shafer’s office and met Stacy and Elaine, I knew this was where I should have gone. They were so open and friendly, and made me feel like I was their favorite client when they didn’t even know me yet. Then I had the consultation with Dr Shafer and he took care to explain every single detail of every step of the process from that day through recovery (and I had lots of questions coupled with some serious anxiety about the anesthesia and recovery). Then Elaine came into the room and walked me through the financials and the rest of the details and she was the definition of professional/expert. Fast forward to the days leading up to the surgery and then the surgery itself. The staff at the office took all of my (many) calls and patiently answered my questions, calmed my fears and made sure I was comfortable with how everything was going to happen. Then the day of the surgery, Dr Shafer was there to walk me through everything again, re-discuss my goals, and even to calm me down in the operating room when I was anxious for things to start. I would recommend using Dr Shafer and his staff for any procedure you’re thinking of, because they are genuinely good people who are incredible in their field. Thank you guys! -Samantha