Sharon Osbourne has never been shy about admitting she’s a big fan of plastic surgery. The 61-year-old looks amazing and the work she’s had done has allowed her to still look natural, yet extremely well kept for her age. Not one to shy away from honesty in the lime light, we’re not surprised to learn that Osbourne recently confirmed she’s had “a lot” of cosmetic procedures, but while some stars deny their surgical past, has the English starlet been a little too frank this time? Did the star go a little too far in admitting the work she’s had done?

According to a People magazine article, Osbourne appeared on the British talk show “The Graham Norton Show” last week and spoke about her plastic surgery history. When the show’s host, Norton, asked her which of the surgeries was the most painful, “The Talk” star’s answer caught everyone a little off guard.

“Having my vagina tightened,” admitted Osbourne candidly.

What Osbourne is referring to is vaginal reconstruction. The procedure isn’t supposed to be painful, though minor discomfort is normal, but knowing Osbourne’s eccentric ways, she probably didn’t allow herself enough time to heal before (cough) putting it to the test.

Colin Farrell was also a guest on the show, and asked Osbourne what the process of vaginal reconstruction involved, and the Brit hugged him and cheekily replied, “I’ll show you later.”

Osbourne wouldn’t be Osbourne without a little tongue-in-cheek conversation, of course, but the truth behind vaginal reconstruction is not as hush-hush as some might think. The procedure is actually quite common, especially here in New York, where Dr. David Shafer, the NY plastic surgeon at our center, has performed countless reconstructive treatments.

The most common type of vaginal reconstruction is called a vaginoplasty, which involves tightening the walls of the vagina. This procedure is extremely popular among women, especially older woman, who have lost their vaginal elasticity due to childbirth, lost sensitivity in the area or whose vaginal walls have been torn. The treatment increases muscle strength and tone of the vagina, providing patients with a feeling of rejuvenation and youth, as well as improves both the patient and their partner’s sexual experiences.

Vaginal reconstruction can also be done for an aesthetic purpose. Many women opt for the procedure to improve the appearance of their labia, most commonly to reduce their size and enhance their shape. This procedure is called a labiaplasty.

With both types of vaginal reconstruction, women can expect a lot more than cosmetic results. The surgery can improve a woman’s self esteem, sexual desire, love life, and can even reduce discomfort that is often experienced due to loosened vaginal walls or large labia.

If you have considered this type of plastic surgery and would like more information on vaginal reconstruction, please feel free to contact Dr. Shafer and schedule a free consultation today.