Living under a constant radar, it’s not shocking that some celebrities turn to plastic surgery to correct damage done by years of stress and fatigue or to simply look their best on screen. Some of the biggest names in show business have undergone liposuction, Botox injections and even facial reconstructive plastic surgery to look – and feel – their best. However, not all stars are keen on revealing the fact that their gorgeously toned body or perfect nose were the result of naturally great genes.

Some treatments are easier to hide than others, but when it comes to an enhancement procedure, it’s hard not to notice drastic results.

The most recent Hollywood actress to be rumored to have undergone plastic surgery is none other than 23-year-old Hayden Panettiere. The talented “Nashville” actress has appeared on the big screen since she was a young girl, always looking naturally stunning. However, after showing off her bikini bod in Miami Beach, FL during the Easter holiday, there seemed to be something different about Panettiere – and it wasn’t her choice of bathing suit.

The young thespian appears to have undergone a breast augmentation procedure, though Panettiere has yet to confirm whether or not she had the surgery.

Rumors first circulated back in 2010 that Panettiere had gotten breast implants, but the starlet never commented on the matter. While she has stayed out of the limelight in the past few years since her sci-fi thriller “Heroes” was cancelled, now that she’s a regular on “Nashville,” the public is seeing a whole lot of Hayden recently – along with her noticeably larger breasts.

The most recent shots of Panettiere frolicking on the beach reveal a small indentation on her chest, which may have been the result of breast implants causing her skin to stretch. Her cup size also appears larger, though not unnaturally huge, as some other Hollywood celebs tend to favor their breast implants. If she did undergo breast enhancement surgery, Panettiere appears to have decided to gain a modest extra cup size or two, softening her athletic and toned physique to give her a more feminine shape.

Whether she went under the knife or not is a secret only Panettiere holds the answer to. Either way, the blonde beauty is looking just as stunning as ever.

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Whether Panettiere got a boob job or not remains a mystery, but if she did, skin stretching is a common side effect for women who choose larger implants. However, working with an experienced plastic surgeon who will give you realistic expectations and who has a successful history of surgeries can help prevent this.

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