When it comes to breast implants, each woman has her own unique and individual cosmetic goals. Some women opt for larger breast implants while others choose a more modest approach. Then there are the endless filler choices to select from and implant shapes. The choices are truly endless, but now, there’s a new breast implant trend sweeping Britain by storm and has us wondering if patients really even had breast augmentation surgery

Barely There’s Breast Implants

According to statistics from Britain, breast augmentation is the number one most popular plastic surgery procedure, with over 10,000 women undergoing the surgery last year. But while 1 in 10 women opt for a ‘super boob job’, where they increase their bust by at least four cup sizes in a single operation, an increasing number of women are opting for smaller implants that look more natural.

The ‘Barely There’ aka ‘has she or hasn’t she’ boob job is becoming a hit in the U.K., with former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham leading the movement. Beckham always had a modest bust, but a few years ago, rumors began circulating that Mrs. Beckham underwent breast augmentation surgery.

It doesn’t take an experienced plastic surgeon to tell the difference. There was a significant increase in the size of Beckham’s breasts about eight years ago, though she has never admitted to undergoing breast implant surgery. Beckham’s newly large chest became the talk of the town, not because it was obvious she had implants, but because the size she chose was too large for her petite frame. Her breasts were soon called “chest oranges” and as a result, it seems as though Beckham decided to have a second surgery to reduce the size and alter the shape of her breasts.

This time, though, it seems as though the mother of four opted for the more natural looking tear-drop shaped implants, as opposed to her rumored previous round implants, as well as chose a smaller size that better suits her small frame.

But while Beckham has never admitted to either boob job, the former singer is spearheading the new breast implant movement, with fans opting to undergo modest breast enhancement surgeries so their breasts can look like Beckham’s.

Basically, the new trend involves choosing a smaller breast implant size that most suits the patient’s frame and height, making it appear as though they never had any work done. While some women don’t mind sharing their surgery history, others are less apt to reveal they have undergone plastic surgery. Staying within one or two sizes of the natural breast size and shape can leave people to wonder if the breasts are really natural or the result of a talented plastic surgeon.

For New York plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer, breast augmentation is a completely individual process. Each woman has her own aesthetic desires, but those desires aren’t always realistic. Dr. Shafer helps his patients understand their options and will advise them on the best type of breast implants that will produce the most natural and stunning results.

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